More Jobless – Less Houses

Written on 18 December 2014 by

unemploy.jpgMarket analysts are seeing dip in house sales due to the rising number of people who are loosing their jobs. Industries are being forced to lay-off personnel to maintain their operations and stay through the rut in the economy. Most have the word of their employees of re-employment when things get better. The forecasts are still quite murky yet people are hanging on. Real estate will be changed forever by these events and people wish they would learn form their mistakes. Having a house to live in is just as good as having enough money to pay for their homes so they can keep living in them. The practice of getting people houses without proper financial planning sends them to the streets if economy fluctuates and they are left to fend for themselves with federal and state aid not sufficient enough for them to survive.

Foreclosed Property – Trash It!

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trashed.jpgLenders are finding it very hard to recover from the financial crunch and so do the previous owners of houses that have been foreclosed. We have seen this in the past months, that people are turning to desperate measures to assure nobody else benefits form their foreclosed homes. They trash it, some turn to arson and other crimes that render these houses un-sellable or in need of major repair for them to once again become appealing to sell. These cases are on the rise and arson being a crime is having more and more houses being razed to the ground by fires their previous owners have initiated. Call it frustration or call it desperation, it shows the true effects of the financial problems we are now experiencing that is bringing out the worst in some of us.

New Home Sales at Lowest Levels

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lowest.jpgNew home sales are at their lowest points in 13 years and the economic slowdown has further affected the usually booming new house market. Mortgage lenders are expected to come up with more than 20 billion dollars in funds to cover losses. The effects would be long lasting as analysts expect the shake down market not to recover till 2009. Prices continued to fall from January of last year by as much as 11%. The problems in the housing market just keeps on getting worse which may have prompted the move by the American President to publicly say and admit the financial market needs a complete shakedown and overhaul to prevent this from ever happening again. Lenders are very much stricter with respect to home loans as well as banks and other financial institutions that were hit hard by the problems in the housing market.

Simple Guide for Investing

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There are some ways to make sure your money works for you. Investing this is often a smart and advisable step. There are many ways to invest money. Some choose to look at the financial sector for this but not everyone is comfortable doing this. What a lot of people do is invest their money in property. You might think that this is not a great way to invest considering the real estate market but this is on the mend so more and more people have begun to go this way again.


There are also a few basic tips when investing in real estate. There are three basic things you can look at in order to know if you are making the right decision in investing in property. Take a look at price. Of course, where prices are high, this is an indication that the place is desirable. You can choose to buy there or look at nearby places that will have lower prices. These may rise in demand because of proximity and cost. Look at taxes- lower taxes are always better. Then look at schools. How well these are doing is an indication if an area is good or not.

Smoking, fire safety and home insurance premiums

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smoke detector
If you are a smoker who’s looking to buy a new home, you might want to consider kicking the habit. This is because insurance companies usually give higher home insurance premiums to smokers because of the fire hazard smoking causes. Even if you make it a habit of disposing of your cigarettes or cigars properly, accidents can still happen.

Besides quitting smoking, you can also install a fire prevention system in your house like fire alarms and sprinklers to get lower home insurance premiums. Insurance companies are happy to give low premiums to home owners who are less likely to file claims.

Quitting smoking and fire prevention systems – they might be a bit pricey at the onset, but not only do they save you money in the long run, they keep you, your family and your home safe too.

House buyers are waiting…..and waiting….and waiting….

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forsale.jpgMarket analysts show that people who are indeed on the lookout to purchase real estate are waiting for the dust to settle in the turmoil that the market is currently undergoing. With no end in sight, people tend to be overcautious waiting for prices to fall more and more or the market to stabilize which could signal the end of the housing market jitters. People who do have mortgages to pay have suffered a lot with many properties being repossessed due to their inability to make payments. Many new houses constructed by developers are sitting idle whilst people are waiting for positive signs and start buying once again. The federal government, already burdened by military spending internally in the US with Homeland Security and Externally with Iraq and Afghanistan (not to mention their participation in NATO and the many other peace keeping missions they take part in) can do little but subsidize and lower the interest rates for mortgages preventing a sudden recession setting in and further ushering utter chaos in the ousing market.

Coldest Winter Ever

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realestateThat’s what this season turned out, and it’s not just the weather but the atmosphere in the real estates business as well. There are thousands of people losing jobs daily, companies shutting doors and more economic troubles. Fannie Mae says the slump is far from over as he promises not to kick out people from their foreclosed homes.
Recession has gripped the nation and the rest of the world and homes empty-up as foreclosure rates climb. No end is in sight but the Inauguration of President Obama might just be the change needed for the economy, just hope his promise of change can resurrect the ailing industry with proper aid and laws to avoid future market crashes. Banks stop lending to cut losses as forecasts see deepening misery.

Global Effects of the Sub-Prime Lending Market Problems in the US

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HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks has announced that it has suffered a total loss of more $17 Billion making it one of the worst hit financial institutions by the financial woes that the US is currently facing. The company says that the loss is high but gains in the Asian market have helped a lot in easing the pain. The banks profits rose by 20% from last year allowing it to survive the extreme pressure placed on them by the sub-prime lending woes that have hit the US financial market. Their problems began whe they opted to buy out one of America’s leading lending firms a short time ago leaving them ripe for the taking and with the said huge losses in therms of their global financial markets. Mainland China is one of the biggest open markets and Asia are proving to be their apples and are hoping to move more investments out of the US into other promising areas. They are maintaining some of their assets in the US but mostly due to allow them to maintain a steady share of the market in the said country.

New Mortgage Lending Rules

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fed.jpgThe Federal Government has drafted and is seeking to implement new guidelines to be adopted by mortgage lenders and borrowers alike to prevent similar housing market problems in the future. Some analysts see this as a step too late and that the market is already in a deep state of disrepair even with the new set of rules and several attempts of the Fed to lower Mortgage interest rates. The new rules aim to improve the current system being used imposing stiffer penalties to lenders and borrowers alike thus demanding strict compliance from both. Many lenders have also suffered greatly from the current crisis who forecast the turmoil to last till 2009.

Mild Development Spending Rises

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devspendMild improvements in development spending has been noted in the US which may signal a slight improvement in the overall commercial real estate business. Many development projects have been put on hold as the economy slid into recession with millions losing their jobs in the construction industry. The effects of the economy has reached far beyond the borders of the US with the world slipping into recession as the markets tumbled affecting most global industries. Continue »

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