Federal Reserve – No New Rate Adjustments .. For Now!?

Written on 29 August 2015 by

fedres.jpgThe unwillingness of the Federal Reserve to signal another round of rate adjustments, maybe due to the utter ineffectiveness of such measures to correct the ailing economy. Mortgages that remain unpaid are on the rise and more and more people sent to the streets. With such high demand for rental properties there is little left for the hundreds of thousands who are still losing their homes to get decent quarters. It may take time for the economy to heal, but there is a more urgent problem at hand and that is people are growing desperate during these down and out times of the economy.

Martha’s Vineyard Remake

Written on 22 August 2015 by

martha.jpgIn hopes of staving off the housing crisis’s effects on the exclusive resort town, property owners have resorted to converting luxury hotels into luxury condominiums instead. The lower premiums and costs associated with the move is lower than what would be expected of luxury homes and is expected to take them well into the time when the housing market bounces back. That bounce back is expected to come in 2009 when the effects of the sub-prime lending market and the problems with insurance issues have been resolved. The move of property owners was in hopes of capturing the boom in vacation home sales in spite of the very much problematic housing crisis.

Even in December, Remember the Important Things

Written on 14 August 2015 by

If you are really driven and determined to buy a house before the year closes, there are some things you need to remember as you would if you were buying a house at any time of the year.


When buying a house, remember that you need to take a look at the actual house and not just base your purchase on pictures. While this may be the first indication that you like the place, you should make sure you are able to go to the property and get the seller to show you the house. In December, this may be a challenge given the weather conditions that are normally frightful at this time of the year. Regardless, do not settle for a ‘take my word for it’ no matter how reputable the broker or how close a friend the seller is. You always need to take a look at what you are buying especially if this is property.

Treasury Department : Pre-emptive padding for the Economy

Written on 7 August 2015 by

treasury.jpgThe treasury department has taken steps before the holiday season in anticipation of further instability of the stocks market due to previous trends. One real estate Mortgage Lender has posted losses of almost 2 billion and has re-stocked buffers in anticipation of more problems associated with mortgage interest rates. This has been brought about by predictions that the real-estate industry is again to undergo another low due to indications of the economy’s sluggish moves towards recovery.
This problem highlights the need for more tax cuts, which have been promised by the President himself as a move to alleviate woes that linger in the air around the real estate business.

House Prices hit Rock Bottom

Written on 31 July 2015 by

low.jpgMany are asking why the hell this happened in the first place, the housing market has suffered most from the sub-prime lending money problems. Existing house sales are up a notch but still not as good as it used to perform. People inflate their house prices when selling due to expected haggling during price negotiations. The new housing market is still in a slump and certain areas have almost no house sales due to insurance pullouts as they reel in their lines to cut back on losses. More is expected of the housing market, just hope it’s good rather than bad. Two insurance carriers have already pulled out of Katrina hit areas and even in Tornado alley. What’s next, time will tell. The next posts will bring the latest news and information from the house market from the experts themselves.

The Day of Hearts Can Do More For You

Written on 24 July 2015 by

You may be one of those people who does not really pay attention to Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the flowers, wining and dining, buying of presents, and gushing sweetness is something that does not appeal to you. You may overlook the day because of these reasons. But what if you were told that you could use Valentines as a way to build your home’s market value?


This is not a ploy to add decimal places to your selling price. It is instead a plan to market your home so that you get the best selling price. Any real estate broker or agent can tell you that one way to make your home more sell-able is by making it appealing. Valentines touches of flowers, scented candles, and pictures of loving couples and family make the home a real and approachable place, enabling possible buyers to envision their lives there. So instead of ignoring the commercial day, make it work for you.

Bailout – Not in a Million Years!

Written on 17 July 2015 by

bail-out.jpgBailout is another example of the Federal Government trying to answer for a mistake somebody else did so everybody just shuts up. Taxpayer dollars are the source of the funds and people are mad about the proposals. Critics say it initiates a practice that may help create a security blanket over the market that crumbles as fast as it was put up. It also encourages others to follow suit after a few years for the government will not allow such an event to happen again. Why should the government have to pay for the mess they have created all by themselves? Good point, for tougher regulation and accountability might be the key in preventing these events from recurring in the future.

Extremely Low House Prices, Call for Extreme Measures

Written on 10 July 2015 by

wealthy2.jpgPeople who have been finding it hard to sell their existing luxury homes for more affordable ones that can keep easily are finding it harder and harder to find prospective buyers. Many have turned to extreme measures for their house selling efforts such as hiring Feng Shui experts to do some adjustments to increase the amount of positive energy entering the home to getting around with fancy nicknames such as Lover’s Paradise, sparkling pool with a view and other outrageous logos just to sell out their home.

Housing market slump may usher in a new recession

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stats.jpgAs if the housing market hasn’t been shaken enough by unstable mortgage interest rates predictions by analysts are showing that the current housing market crisis may usher a new recession in the US. Due to bad loans and shady deals the housing market has been on the rocks for the past year prompting the Federal Government to lower interest rates at least twice this year alone. Worse yet, there seems to be no end in sight in the instability which is expected to take till 2009 for the market to recover.

Vacation homes and Investment Properties – Strong and Steady

Written on 26 June 2015 by

vachme1.jpgThe movement may be slow but the investments and purchases of vacation homes and other luxury properties by foreigners continue to maintain momentum. This is providing just enough juice to prevent the hose sales market wheels from grinding to a complete halt which would mean the loss of hundreds if not millions of jobs in all sectors. A rise of 11 percent from last year’s figures from 21% in 2007 to 33% to this day, it means that the market, in that avenue anyway is still going strong. The typical vacation home buyer was in their late 40′s till early 50′s and that they were investing indeed for their vacationing needs. Bothe foreign and local buyers are still doing shopping in spite of the problems being experienced in local house sales.

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