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Federal Assistance

12 June 2015

feds.jpgFederal assistance is being worked out for homeowners, banks and other financial institutions hit by the market slump. The president’s acknowledgment of a need for some fixing for the financial institution is a sure sign of helplessness for the Federal reserve might be at an edge as far as economic stimulus goes. They have interfered several times since last year by injecting much needed funding into the economy. Everybody knows it yet politicians deny it, the US economy is in recession which is reflected by increased jobless statistics, low new house sales and only a little change in the existing house sales market. The economy is hanging on by a thread and the Federal government may have to push harder for reforms to fix and shorten the effects of the financial problems they have been left to fix. The financial industry is left to deal with the mess they created but they are also the worst hit industries so what goes around comes around.

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