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Warmth During Winter

20 August 2014

Winter months can be trying when it come to showing off your house for prospective buyers. This difficulty is one among a number that turn people off selling property at this time of the year. But, if you are backed against the wall chasing a deadline, or you simply do not have the luxury of waiting for very long then staging your house during winter months may just close that sale.


Warmth is one important factor in showcasing a house and something some sellers do not capitalize on. Keeping the house at a cozy temperature will present a warm and homey feeling to prospective buyers. Turn the thermostat up a couple of notches before some buyers come over. If you are using a gas fireplace, this could make for some ambience. But if the house has been vacant and your heat source is a wood-burning fireplace, think twice before just switching this on as this may be dangerous.

Warmth is one way to make your house more appealing to buyers during the winter months.

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